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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Vicky WheelerVicky Wheeler
Congratulations Vicky on passing your test with only 3 faults! It's been amazing to see the transformation from being so anxious to even get into a car to the confident driver you are today. Happy Driving!
Having had 3 previous driving instructors and not really getting anywhere, my confidence was at rock bottom. Then I met Sean and never looked back. Thank you Sean for giving me the confidence and belief in myself that I could do it. Sean was friendly, calm, relaxed and not to mention patient. He explained things well, gave clear instructions and helped me work through the things I found difficult. I really couldn't have done it without him and have no hesitation in recommending him.

Adam GilesAdam Giles
Another test with Zero Faults!!! Amazing drive Adam, very well deserved first time pass! Safe driving!
Having Sean as my Instructor was brilliant. He guides you through lessons with care and precision, allowing him to identify weak areas you may have and work to improve on them. Sean is a very friendly, calm and positive person which makes you feel at ease when driving. I would fully recommend him to anyone!

Chloë DennettChloë Dennett
Congratulations Chloë on passing your driving test first time with me and with only 2 driving faults! Safe driving!
Thank you Sean, for giving me the confidence to drive! After failing my driving a few times with a different instructor, with Sean's guidances and support I managed to pass my driving test first time with him! He is a friendly, supportive and willing instructor and always wants to get the best out of you. He never gave up on me even when I said to him "I never want to get back in this car again!" Thank you so much!

Rob IrwinRob Irwin
Congratulations Rob on your first time pass! Rob hadn't driven in nearly a decade and managed to pass with just 19hrs!
I contacted Sean when I needed to pass my driving test before starting a new job. Sean was very accommodating in arranging the necessary lessons to fit a tight schedule. Sean is also a fantastic instructor with a relaxed, friendly manner and great eye for detail. He is very good at identifying any weaknesses and provides excellent advice with a positive attitude which makes his lessons enjoyable. I highly recommend Sean to anyone looking to learn how to drive. Thank you!

Oliver HuntOliver Hunt
Zero faults!!! Outstanding drive and result Ollie on your first time pass, truly faultless!
A big thank you to Sean for teaching me to drive and enabling me to pass my test. Sean was very easy to get along with and is a fantastic instructor who is calm and definitely knows what he is doing. Sean had given clear explanations in all lessons and the advice he gave was great, as well as the workbook we had used, i'd happily recommend Sean to anyone out there learning to drive. Thanks again!

Robert Carpenter Robert Carpenter
Congratulations for passing your test Rob, only 3 faults!
Thank you Sean for giving me the best training I could have asked for! Having failed a couple of practical tests before hand with another instructor, Sean was quick to spot which areas I needed improving and gave me great advice and explanations throughout all of my lessons. I would recommend Sean to anyone looking for a driving instructor as he is calm, friendly and easy to talk to. Massive thank you again!

Robyn BruceRobyn Bruce
Passed 1st time! Brilliant result Robyn!
I couldn't imagine having a better instructor. I had had two instructors before Sean but I have only excelled with him. He is really friendly and explained things really well. The Driving Skills Workbook was really helpful and lessons were always well planned. I will definitely continue my Pass Plus lessons with him and would happily recommend Sean to anybody!

Mark BetteridgeMark Betteridge
Passed 1st time! Great result Mark!
A massive thank you to Sean for helping me pass my test, I could not have asked for a better instructor who was so easy to listen to and gave me all the confidence I could get. All of the books and online tutorials were a big help too and I will recommend Sean to anyone as he's a great driving instructor. Thanks!

Carl ClibbonCarl Clibbon
Passed 1st time - fantastic result Carl!
I started with another instructor and I changed to Sean with LDC and that was the best move I made. After just 15 hours I'm pleased to say I passed and the LDC Workbook and Videos helped me a lot but not as much as Sean's calm and positive attitude which helped so much. Thanks a lot!